Ballpond – The Sense Play


Ballpond is an interactive rear projected interface to engage with digital balls enabled through motion sensing. How do users interact with Ballpond, what do they feel and is there a relevant use case for the making of a commercial application?


Sandra designed a user study to measure and analyze interaction with Ballpond. The user study included camera observations and sensor readings (nike+ incl. heartstrap, Jawbone Up) of the interaction, a test developed to measure general levels of emotions and an in-depth interview before and after the interaction. The data gathered was analyzed, visualized and mapped to interpret the interaction, the emotional engagement and the value of Ballpond.

















Solution :

The user study showed that the emotional engagement was high and the experience enjoyable. The data revealed that having no goals within the „game“ allows users to relax. Also the level of movement was high due to embodiment. The installation was exhibited at various conferences in Germany as well as at the MIT Media Lab. Ballpond is now a relaxing room at the University of the Arts in Berlin.



Theresa Grebin

Marc Schuhmann

Matthias Heumeier