Hubway Data Challenge


The bike sharing program in Boston, “Hubway”, released comprehensive user data of half a million Hubway rides for a “Data Visualization Challenge”. The Hubway trip history data includes every trip ever taken with date, time, origin and destination stations, including the bike number and information on sex and age of registered users. Which aspects are worth analyzing and how can they be visualized?


Sandra teamed up with a data analyst and visualization specialist to explore the social aspects of cycling the city. While the data was visualized in the form of graphs, Sandra also took pictures of dwellers she approached on the street to pose on bicycles to make a visual point on social cycling.


The Hubway data is visualized in an interactive map that guides the reader through social aspects of cycling. The data shows differences in ridership behavior between males and females and also route overlaps. Helping to brand social cycling as an attractive experience, photographs of city dwellers create a desire to bike with others more often.



Samuel Luescher