Lovebirds – The Relater


The “Start Labs Social Good Hackathon” at the Innovation Center in Cambridge challenges designers and programmers to work together to come up with concepts and prototypes to bring good to the world through technology. Which world challenges can be addressed and how?


After forming a team, Sandra initiated to think not only about challenging world problems, but also to look what might need to be addressed in our everyday lives to make a positive impact. In a first brainstorming the challenges of personal relationships and how they affect our well being arose. Taking a closer look at love relationships the team conducted a quick survey on the street asking males and females what the greatest challenge in a relationship is. The collective answer in a nutshell: How to improve communication. Sandra developed the concept and design of a persuasive application for couples, which was presented during the hackathon.


Lovebirds is a mobile phone application for couples to manage their relationship. The main functions are a shared diary and an aggregator of the digital trace of the significant other. This enables personalized suggestions for presents or activities based on “likes” on Facebook, for example. The application also includes a love barometer based on regular ratings on perceptions of attentiveness and quality time.



Netia McCray

Titiaan Palazzi