SCOOPY – The Ego Shop


More or less intentionally, social networks drive on some of the so-called deadly sins like greed, pride or envy. How can a social network, or plugin, play with these social mechanisms? Which use cases can best harness them and to what extent can a business model be developed upon them?


Sandra and a team of colleague students investigated various social networks through the paradigm of deadly sins and selected use cases. Selecting shopping networks as a potential case, the students investigated how greed, pride and envy can be potentiated to build an “egosocial” shopping platform with a complementary plugin for Facebook. Using the “Business Model Generation” method developed by Osterwalder, the students proposed a new approach.


Scoopy is a website to shop latest gadgets scouted online. They are displayed on the Facebook profile to compare & compete with friends. Friends will be envious and long greedily to display even cooler products. The vicious cycle is reinforced with a gamification approach. Early adopters will be rewarded with Scoopy points and can compete with friends as well as with the Scoopy community. Points can be cashed in on the Scoopy website for more cool products.



Steven Schepurek

Tim Prien

Christian Bischoff